Analysis & Optimization

The comprehensive and complete analysis of a transport network includes identifying constraints, inefficiencies, bottlenecks, excess or lack of service level, resource utilization and more. The solutions that the company offers include examination and analysis of the existing situation, formulation of alternatives as a derivative of customer needs and preferences, and presentation of alternatives to a new, efficient and service-intensive transit network. In the next step, the required resources are determined by mathematic optimization tools, which include various constraints, such as work hours and labour restrictions, route limitations, timetables, infrastructure limitations and other.  The resources are in terms of a minimal number of buses to be used, drivers or driving hours.

The unique systems, which perform various transit optimization in respect of resources (vehicles, drivers, driving hours), need to provide the given service-level agreement by using Operation Research methodology, AI systems, Big Data methodology and other advanced approaches.

Advanced Ticketing System

The advanced transport ticketing system enables to purchase and to validate tickets using a mobile platform as well as to collect and analyse large amount of data (Big Data). The system enables to implement passenger’s charging, based on travelled distance or number of stations as well as based on traditional ticketing methodologies.

Electric Bus Operations

The advanced and unique user-friendly system performs simulation of various alternatives and optimization of operational modes of electric buses. The system analyses the possible location of the charge events in different terminals, takes into consideration the discharging of bus battery, the usage of heat or air condition, the integration of current transportation programs and the breaks in-between rides.

Isolintra continuously expands and develops its customer base and is in constant contact with a variety of start-up communities, entities and companies engaged in the development of new and advanced technologies. Isolintra is a central junction for the gathering, concentration and dissemination of information on recent developments in a variety of technologies, particularly in the fields of public transportation and infrastructure.

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